An Architect’s Role on a Construction Site

An architect’s role is usually quite clear when it comes to designing and planning, but some of us might be surprised to learn that the job of the architect doesn’t quite end there. An Architect’s work during a construction phase is usually construction administration, and contract administration. What is this? It’s imperative, for a start. There are a number of architects and luxury house designers in Cheshire which are tasked with this, and a number of other things, throughout the construction phase of a new build or an adaptation of an existing build.

But what is construction and contract administration? This is quite a number of tasks, but an overall description is the act of providing clarification about design and specifications that they have gone through with the client, by acting as your go between a builder. As such, they respond to RFI (Request for Information) requests which are initiated by a builder or a construction company when something is unclear, or additional information is needed. RFIs may be initiated by builders, plumbers, electricians, joiners, or even agencies hired on behalf of fire departments and health and safety inspectorates, or even the local council.

Furthermore, an architect is also tasked with evaluation and designing of changes, should a change of design be warranted due to factors which were not discovered in initial inspection. An example of which is if, within a particular room, plumbing or electrical work is not to standard – or even if structural inconsistency is discovered as work begins.

A vital part of this is also review of shop drawings which are submitted by various tradesmen. An architect will make a basic design in the drawings phase, and fabricators make far more detailed drawings. An architect will give these drawings a once over before the item in question is created, to ensure that practicality meets what you have envisioned together. Along the same lines, they are also tasked with reviewing and approving mockups and samples that fabricators create.

As you can see, an architect in Cheshire’s responsibilities and requirements within stages past initial design and pricing make the process absolutely vital, and they are imperative in maintaining excellent progress of either a new build or a modification to an existing one.