Depth Conversion Training in London

Depth Conversion is a rather intricate process, which involves quite a lot of legwork. Depth Conversion, no matter how tricky at times, is directly associated with the end result. Well ties are incorporated to a depth conversion result to product a good seismic image to later be used as part of an exploration effort or a field development interpretation.

There are a number of programs out there which aid geologists and geoscientists in the depth conversion effort, and we’ve made absolutely no secret of the fact that our favoured tool is easily Velit – an addition to Petrel and IHS Kingdom which takes away all uncertainty and provides sound results, with easy-to-use features such as the Velit Wizard.

Other programs are quite numerous, and of course Petrel and IHS Kingdom themselves can manage the job by themselves. But it when comes to getting the most out of your workflow and eliminating opportunity for human error, Velit is heads and shoulders above the rest.
But what about learning this program?

You’ll be pleased to know that the creators of Velit, London-Based Equipoise Software, hold regular seminars and Depth Conversion Training courses to help your team get to grips with Velit. Such training courses are held very frequently at their Croydon based offices.

Depth Conversion Training with Equipoise Software takes place over three days, where learners will start off at the basics, loading data into Velit from a Petrel project among other tasks. Day 2 will move onto more complex techniques, in order to give all learners a solid foundation and an intermediate level of Velit knowledge. Day 3 will cover probability analysis, sensitivity analysis, and spill point determination, not to mention a series of in-depth discussions on the entire course.

Essentially, Velit is an incredible tool which can rapidly increase the productivity of your team and reduce the margin of error within most calculations thanks to it’s excellent interface and wizard. However, training is still very recommended, so your team can get the most out of this amazing piece of kit.