Velit – Industry Standard Velocity Modelling

With an utterly extensive library of industry standard modelling methods, Velit for IHS Kingdom and Petrel is the definitive Velocity Modelling and Depth Conversion package for geoscientists and petrophysicists. Coming from London-based Equipoise Software, this handy tool can help reduce the margin of error in your team’s calculations with a very streamlined interface and usage of the Velit Wizard, as well as its truly extensive library.

With a catalogue of industry standard velocity modelling methods (for both well velocity calculation and seismic processing) you’ll have the confidence that only a precise picture of the geological surfaces you’re studying can give you.

Velit is very much about more precise calculations, but simplicity is built in.

Whether you’re using IHS Kingdom or Petrel, Velit improves the accuracy of your calculations extensively, and also enables you to use a very wide ranging number of features in order to truly work your data in a multitude of ways which is just simply not possible with other programs. As such, operational efficiency is far higher with Velit than without, and for that reason Velit is the top choice of many geoscience firms today.

Equipoise Software, the creators of this fantastic Depth Conversion and Velocity Modelling Package certainly understand that wide-ranging features as well as the interface certainly help with coming up with accurate models, and that the very best case technical velocity model can be produced with their program.

But how is Depth Conversion on Velit?  The answer is that the matter is simple, really.

Velit allows the user to try out a range of ideas to determine the very best velocity modelling situation for their study. Furthermore, it’s a quick little program – Velit appears to run rather quickly in order to allow the user to see exactly how different velocities and structural forms impact overall depth.