Human Centric Lighting Reduces Patient Stress Levels

Human Centric Lighting has been implemented at a Danish psychiatric hospital, and positive results which benefit both patients and medical staff have started to show already.  This Human Centric LED Lighting works by tuning brightness of lighting and colour temperatures to patterns – conductive with daytime stimulation, and also night time rest.

It’s an emulation of daytime stimulation and night time rest, that’s to be sure – but it’s an emulation convincing enough to fool the human body, which directly benefits patients who may otherwise miss out on established day and night routines.

The verdict is absolutely unanimous – the facility in question’s doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, and also visitors which were surveyed at the facility reported that Human Centric Lighting has indeed fostered a calmer, cozier and more natural atmosphere within the facility, which has directly improved sleep and therefore quality of life for patients, and also staff.

Medical treatment, especially when patients may not be able to be in control of their emotions and their feelings, hence becoming vulnerable people, is based upon dignity for the patient and respect for human life. In situations where an individual has to have their freedoms taken away for the sake of their own safety and the safety of others, it is more paramount than ever to maintain dignity and respect.

In our opinion, Respect starts with making an individual’s situation as comfortable as possible, and Human Centric Lighting is paramount in maintaining a human being’s dignity by making an altered situation for them as comfortable as can be. By fooling the human body to encourage natural sleep cycles, a patient will ultimately have a happier life.

This has been proven by the fact that within this facility, medical staff have administered much less drugs, and noted a marked reduction in patient outbursts and disturbances.  

But what about the cost? Negligible. Human centric lighting is cheaper than you’d think to set up and can be done so with usual retrofitting as well as a variety of LED Strip Lighting and LED Rope Lighting, and the savings for health boards and the NHS at large could be gigantic, should this technology be placed in British hospitals and facilities.