Oil and Gas Experts in the UK – With Worldwide Experience

ERC equipoise are a London based company who are true experts in Oil and Gas Expert Witness projects across the world, over a period of very many years – dating back to the 1970s. With practical experience in numerous full corporate evaluations of a number of clients throughout the world, ERC Equipoise are a company that is primed to assist yours company with Fair Market Valuation studies for corporate activities, including bond issues.

Furthermore, ERC Equipoise are experts in the field when it comes to reserve calculations for annual corporate reports, and reserve based lending queries based upon your company’s assets – which of course are mandatory things and certainly not optional. ERC Equipoise’s experience is proven – as an example, in their Court Case and Administration work, their models have withheld the highest scrutiny and have passed varying stress tests without fail. Essentially, the work supplied by ERC Equipoise can be the difference in your sites’ fortunes – as well as how much of an asset it is.  

ERC Equipoise have the potential to help you understand where the value in your portfolio is held, what your cash flow is expected to be in the future, and also where additional expenditures will lead to reserve bases, or value.

When it comes to Oil and Gas Pricing and Analytics, going for a firm with proven experience in the field helps – wherever in the world it may be. A firm with experience of the legislation in one area of the world may not perform the very best they can in another, and their inexperience may lead to delays. However, that is not the case with ERC Equipoise.

With experience of Fair Market Valuations for cases from as far as the High Courts in the UK, to the Arbitration Acts of New Zealand, ERC Equipoise are experts with a proven track record in the impact of commodity pricing, market conditions, as well as the detailed technical aspects of assets in the calculations of Fair Market Value – wherever in the world your site may be.