Save Money This Winter – Invest In a Wood Burning Stove

Absolutely no homeowner in the world wants to pay over the odds for their heating, and absolutely everyone hates to see huge energy companies announce year after year that they’re at record-breaking profits when homeowners bills are the highest they’ve ever been. Sadly, there’s no all that much that can be done about it – heating is, unfortunately, yet another bill which is absolutely unavoidable.

Saying that, there are substantial ways to dramatically lessen a bill.

You might already be cutting back on your usage considerably. You might wear extra layers of clothing, make hot drinks more often, or even cut back on things so much, that feeling comfortable in your own home is a very difficult task. Following pressure from the government, Energy companies say that they’re working to address these issues and yes – they have provided a number of gimmick based apps that monitor your usage – but don’t save you a thing.

The only money that’s being saved off course with these apps is from their own pockets – as usage of the app means that you no longer need a visit from a meter reader every once in a while. Your tariff doesn’t go down. Wonderful indeed – for energy companies.

What’s a proper and viable way to save money from your heating, but not suffer in a shivering bundle all winter, worrying about what your energy saving app says?

Wood burning stoves are the answer to make viable savings for your home.

Wood Burning Stoves such as Stovax wood burning stoves an excellent investment which do require an initial cost, but they really do pay for themselves in quite a short time.

For instance, most stoves burn at 70% - 85% efficiency, as opposed to an open fire which loses almost all of its warmth immediately by blowing it up the chimney. Compared to your central heating system, there’s amazing savings to be had too.

The Energy Saving Trust recently released figures which state that a wood burning stove (when hooked upto radiators to warm an entire house) runs at £90 less per year than gas fired central heating – and these figures include comparisons to brand new boilers which are energy graded.

The answer seems to be clear – wood burning stoves are the only way to spend winter toasty and warm… without breaking the bank.