Hyderabad International Airport is Aiming to be 100% LED

This is amazing news from a future-thinking airport which we hope will pave the way for all other international and domestic airports across the world. LED Lighting is of course in many shapes and very many forms, including LED Rope Lighting and LED Strip Lighting, Bulbs, Lamps, and so many more things, and a far cry from what they were 30 years ago.

LED Lighting operates far more efficiently than traditional incandescent bulbs and has so very much application when compared to more traditional lighting methods such as halogen bulbs – widely considered ineffective, wasteful, and even dangerous compared to LED Lighting.

LED Lighting is better for people and also for the planet, and can offer so very much when it comes to saving money. With LED Lighting, you’re getting a better product which is cheaper to run, longer lasting and overall, offers a number of advantages that Halogen Lighting is simply incapable of, such as having the power to alter consumer buying patterns which makes them find application in the retail sector, as well as, amazingly, being able to transfer information across from one point to another.

That’s right – information can be carried in light.

Do you recall the last time you used an airport? Some airports are better than others of course, but you might have noticed your Wi-Fi drop out in some areas of the airport. With the exciting advances in LED Lighting – it is already theoretically possible to have a Wi-Fi connection carried in the light which is generated from LED Rope Lights and LED Strip Lights among other devices, which will ensure that your connection stays constant… providing the lights stay on. (Of course they will.)

The next 10 years are likely going to be very exciting for a number of things related to LED Lighting and tech in general, and we are pleased to hear that airports with the prestige of Hyderabad International Airport are choosing to lead the way into a brand new age of innovation.