SPECS Announces EnviroESCA

SPECS are a German company of scientists, engineers and inventors which have been pivotal to the development of the surface science, materials research and nanotechnology fields since the company was created 30 years ago with a series of excellent ESCA Systems.

Well and truly leaders in their field, SPECS strive to provide components and systems which can stand the test of time in any laboratory, and have quality built in thanks to their rigorous quality testing and their commitment to ensure that their performance is constantly improving.

SPECS are a rare breed of company – one that doesn’t accept that the best they can do really is the best they can do, and constantly and consistently pushes itself to strive for more and better, which allows for truly excellent products which contribute to the industry and the field of scientific analysis- advancing the entire occupation exponentially.

Recently, SPECS announced the release of yet another innovation to the field of surface science, the EnviroESCA. This analysis tool will allow your laboratory to say goodbye to the limitations of traditional XPS based systems in a unique and a novel way which simply didn’t exist before the EnviroESCA.

What’s so special about the EnviroESCA? This tool will allow your laboratory to analyse materials at pressures which are above UHV – opening the door to a wide range of possibilities. Designed for high throughput analysis, Medical technology, biotechnology and life sciences all stand to benefit tremendously from the conception of the EnviroESCA, with increased efficiency all around.

For instance, you’ll be able to enjoy the shortest ever loading to measurement times of samples of all kinds. Liquids, tissue, plastics, foils, powders, soils, zeolites, rocks, minerals, and ceramic measurements are all trivial thanks to the EnviroESCA, and it is creations and innovations such as this which truly explain why SPECS is truly the leader in the field.

If you’re based in the UK, you can get one of these by contacting Scanwel, a Wales based company which also is a market leader producer of custom fabrications, in order to take advantage of such an innovative tool.