LED Lighting is Preventing Rail Crossing Accidents in England

We’ve heard that LED Lighting is the future, and it appears that absolutely everything is jumping on the exciting new possibilities that LED Lighting can provide a number of people from different industries and different walks of life. 

One of the best uses for LED Lighting is human-centric efforts of course – such as LED Rope Lighting and LED Strip Lighting being used to vastly improve human safety in care homes, and we find that it doesn’t get much more human centric than making vast changes and rapid improvements to things which have always been a very long-existing problem.

Take rail crossings, for instance. A very typically problematic foot crossing in England faced a number of problems by design – a rather ill-thought out situation involving two entrances to the crossing being quite some way away from the railway line. To Cross these tracks, someone would typically have to traverse a rather steep set of steps and cross the railway line on the top of them. Even worse, the crossing itself was not at a very typical 90 degree angle and was instead skewed.

Needless to say, this was extremely dangerous for anyone crossing, especially in dim light. The complaints were numerous, and in poor light conditions, it was very possible for a crossing pedestrian straying onto the anti-trespass guards and of course risking falling in front of a moving train.

Of course, that doesn’t bear thinking about, and Network Rail were very quick to address this issue. They identified usage of LED Lighting to compliment brand new crossing panels as a risk reduction, and set the LED Lights to run along the edge of this once-dangerous crossing. Pedestrians would be guided across safely in poor light conditions, and the lifespan of LED Lighting would ensure that this solution would work for very many years to come. The issue of the power running out for this was also negated thanks to LED Lighting – LED Lighting in itself can be solar powered.

All in all, LED Lighting is cost effective, viable, durable and a great solution for very many problems which exist with ongoing commitments to make the world around us safer.