CFL Is Dead - Long Live LED

LED Lighting has made quite a splash in very many fields of industry since 2005, and in 2017 is synonymous with very many fields such as roadworks, construction, retail, and even agriculture. It’s really not that hard to see why – LED Lighting, be it LED Rope Lights, LED Strip Lights or even LED Extrusions are superior to CFL Lighting and Incandescent lighting in absolutely every way, shape and form.

LED Lighting should be seen of less of a competitor and more of a replacement for antiquated lighting which exists simply for throwbacks sake – developed for the sake of having something, anything, because there was nothing better at the time.

When it comes to lighting, whether for retail, industry, or even residential use - the battle is won and LED Lighting is the overwhelming winner in every way with absolutely no drawbacks to use in comparison to CFL and incandescent lighting. Thanks to the industry in general discovering the potential of LED lighting, it’s never been easier to find.

Whether it’s down to much more lighting options such as the ability to host far more shades of colours and tones (LED Lighting is a far cry from the stark and faceless lighting it originated as. Nowadays, LED Lighting has far more colour temperature options than conventional lighting – which will allow absolutely anyone to find the light that is perfect for them.

LED Lighting has so many features which make it the far superior choice- reduced electricity consumption, reduced production of harmful c02 emissions, or even the fact that it’s truly never been cheaper to retrofit an entire premises with LED Lighting, and very many lighting manufacturers are completely and entirely on board with LED Lighting products such as LED Rope Lights and LED Strip Lights. They’re absolutely everywhere, and you can get a great choice from a number of well known and well trusted manufacturers, and it’s truly never been easier.

Whether it’s super-powerful and supremely durable LED Rope Lighting, slick and customisable LED Strip Lighting or even LED Extrusions, which are well loved by very many industries for the fact that it is so adaptable, LED Lighting is the future and it’s never been more apparent.