Nanonsis Quantum Transport Measurement Systems – Revolutionary, Through and Through

Nanonis Retrofittable SPM, AFM and STM Control Systems have an excellent reputation for SPM applications, so much so that STM and AFM users are converting to SPM in droves.

The company is very well known as the creator of SPM equipment and software which is well and truly retrofittable and therefore compatible with all manner of branded equipment from a variety of other manufacturers, but Nanonis Quantum Transport Measurement Systems are worthy of very much celebration.

The Nanonis Tramea™ Quantum Transport Measurement System is an absolutely revolutionary product, which offers a novel and far superior approach to transport measurements. All-in-all, the Nanonis Tramea™ is a superior product in absolutely every way, shape, and form to other systems, granting far superior performance, as well as a measurement speed increase which is (quite literally) up to 1000x faster than conventional measurement systems.

A saving of 1000x the time of other systems of course grants efficiency in the laboratory, freeing up scientists to continue their work, rather than wait around for the hardware to do its job and generate its figures. The worth of the Nanonsis Tramea™ Quantum Transport Measurement System is in futureproofing, as well. The product is completely and utterly customisable, allowing it to have worth even in scientific research which has not been standardised yet.

The Nanonsis Tramea™ is quite feasibly a full replacement for a traditional measurement rack, as a complete measurement platform which provides advanced data, optimisation of said data using a series of advanced algorithms, as well as a high degree of customisation to your laboratory.

The Nanonis Tramea™ is finished off with the unique ability to provide high resolution AD/DA conversions, signal conditioning and processing, making it the perfect addition to any laboratory.

Well and truly modular, Nanonis also provides a series of add-on modules to enable you to build on this product as the needs of your laboratory and your work demands.