The SPECs EnviroESCA - A Triumph in Laboratory Efficiency

The SPECs ESCA System  is an absolute triumph when it comes to chemical surface analysis under a variety of environmental conditions, and this is for very many reasons. The equipment is absolutely revolutionary, for a start – enabling an operator to use XPS techniques on compounds such as liquids and gases (or even liquids and gases, together!) and overall is being adapted by a lot of sciences thanks to the myriad functions it provides which were wishful thinking a few short years ago.

The automation possibilities on the EnviroESCA are absolutely unparalleled – the advanced software control system allows each and every sample analysis to be fully automated, and all aspects of the examination are taken care of to reduce error. EnviroESCA controls the vacuum system, the gas handling system and even every single analysis component – eliminating all possibility of human error affecting results.

Should you wish it, the SPECs EnviroESCA can even  be controlled remotely, allowing you to get the very most out of your workflow – which is highlighted with AutoLoader, which is used for entirely and completely unattended introduction and processing of sample batches – which gives the EnviroESCA a unique advantage in production based environments.

Your efficiency is paramount after all, and SPECs have highlighted this with the inception of EnviroESCA. High throughput analysis of stored samples or parts can be realised, giving the EnviroESCA undoubted application in production environments.

Choice is imperative to SPECs though, and their establishment of choice in EnviroESCA is excellent. Should you wish to have an experienced user perform these checks his or herself, you’re more than capable of enabling manual access. All that is needed is a few button presses and you’ll be more than set to go.

The SPECs EnviroESCA is a stunning piece of kit, and is providing vital to many industries including food science, medical research, and cosmetic sciences to name a few, and the reliability of the EnviroESCA is another attractive feature. Each and every system component has been assessed for extended lifetime operations by SPECs themselves, and each display high reliability which ensures low cost of ownership. Furthermore, rapid and easy maintenance cycles reduce downtime and service costs for the EnviroESCA.