What Is Diamond Core Drilling?

Diamond Drilling is exactly as the name implies – it is using a drill bit which is created from diamond in order to drill with greater precision than with a normal drill bit. Diamond Drilling London has another application as well, and is used on surfaces which are too hard to be drilled by normal bits. 

Some examples of materials that have to be diamond drilled are as per the following:

  • Glass 
  • Concrete
  • Granite and other bedrock

Diamond is the hardest material known to man, and diamond drilling allows these materials to be drilled with effectiveness and also with precision. Construction is an industry which is all about precision, and measurements have to be most exact in order to be of any use, and also to not require reworks later down the line.

Diamond Drilling is an excellent way to get it right first time, and have measurements perfectly correct. There are a range of widths which can be obtained with diamond drilling, and some companies can drill from 10mm to 1500mm in diameter.

Diamond Drilling is also a way to ensure that something can be done to manipulate a material without the fear that the process will make the material’s integrity unsound. Cracks or undue stress developing within the material is something which cannot be allowed to be left to lie.

In matters of construction, the integrity of the material is paramount, and botched jobs lead to accident, injury, and most unfortunately, imperfections do lead to loss of life.

Diamond drilling is something which should always be taken professionally, with a company which specialise within it. A civil engineer will subcontract a diamond drilling company which have a number of specially trained staff members and of course the adequate equipment, and will ensure that the project is in in safe hands.

Diamond drilling London companies such as Drill IT specialise in all aspects of diamond drilling and do not compromise on health and safety- methodically approaching each situation and performing a full survey of very many factors before they will start work on a job.