How Do I Keep My Commercial Fridge Cold?

Commercial fridges work extremely hard. They not only have to battle the high-temperature environment in a busy kitchen, but they also have to regain their cold temperature each time the door is opened. Through this constant use, food safety can be flawed due to the temperature not being cool enough. We’ve got some tips for keeping your fridge, freezer, or other cooling catering equipment north wales working correctly.

Keep away from the thermostat.

If the temperature inside your fridge is increasing, it can be tempting to turn the thermostat down to a cooler setting. However, if it is already set to the required 1-4 degrees celsius for a fridge, you probably won’t see the difference. The temperature will more than likely go up if you do this, as the fridge will be working harder to cool down. There are better ways to deal with this!

Clean the equipment’s filters. 

Fridges using air-coolers in a commercial environment will usually have to deal with air that is filled with steam, dust, and grease. This can all obstruct the airflow in the appliance, causing havoc with the internal components. To help with this issue, a lot have filters included to lower the amount that builds up inside, but if this isn’t regularly cleaned it can become blocked. This will cause the fridge or freezer to either under-perform or break. 

Have a fridge layout plan.

Having a fridge layout plan is always a great idea. It makes sure you know where everything is when checking stock, but can also help by keeping the temperature of your fridge regulated. If you know where the item you’re looking for is located, you’ll spend less time with the fridge door open, thus keeping more of the cold inside. 

If your fridge/freezer is always crammed full, it might be worth getting another or even looking at getting a cold room. 

Relocate the appliance. 

This may not be the most convenient fix, but if your fridge is struggling in the hot kitchen, consider moving it to a cooler place - this is definitely better than having to throw out a full fridge of gone-bad food. 

Avoid keeping your fridges/freezers close to hot cooking equipment such as combi ovens, fryers, or griddles to keep all catering equipment working efficiently

Keep the doors shut.

This one may be easier said than done, we’ve all left the fridge open at some point! This is the worst thing for losing temperature in a fridge. Only open when completely necessary, and try to shut it as soon as you can. 

If you have a double doored fridge, think carefully and only open the door which leads to what you need. If the doors aren’t keeping shut on their own, you may need a new seal.