Friday, 27 April 2012

Hydraulic Testing & Hose Connectors

Advancements in Hydraulic Testing, Assembles and Fittings

Hydraulic hoses are used in wide variety of markets in industry all around the planet. Industrial hoses are used to transfer high pressure gas or fluid in machinery and industrial plant processes. The hazards that come with leaks are great, so the safety mechanisms required are put through stringent testing procedures.

All of the auxiliary adaptors, staple couplings, valves and other hose fittings are fully tested for endurance and flexibility.

Staple Adaptors

There are many industrial hose connectors in the market; most notable is the hydraulic hose staple adaptor. A staple adaptor is effectively a mechanism which connects two hoses together by the ends, these are used for high pressure fluid transfer in hazardous environments (like underground).

The connection often needs to be held together under extreme pressure, in order to do this, staple adaptors utilise a staple lock which is a piece of steel shaped like a staple u-bend which is fed into both the male & female couplings of the hydraulic hose.

Rotary Staple Couplings

Large scale bore mining needs hydraulic hoses which are able to withstand high pressure fluid and gas transfer while moving freely due to the vibrations caused by the high stress environment. For such applications rotary staple couplings are used, these reduce stress by allowing the hose assembly to move freely while in operation, yet retain a high pressure locking mechanism.

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Protection

The hazardous environments that hydraulic hose assemblies are required to work in demand protection solutions which will protect the outer surface of the hoses. Now days, there are a number of protective coatings which are resistant to abrasion and extreme temperature. Protection can be used for both single and bundled hoses.

This type of hose protection is ideal for oil spill and electrical cabling, there are grades of protective silicon coated sleeves that are fire resistant.

Hose Assemblies

Custom made hose assemblies for specific locations around the world are common due to the varying environments which hydraulic hoses are required to work in. There are certain product lines which are generic, but many manufactures will produce bespoke hose assembly solutions suited to their requirements.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Skintop Cable Glands

Lapp Group has launched a multi cable bushing system for installation of pre harnessed or pre assembled cables. The Lapp Group specialists have developed the new SKINTOP® CUBE, a system made up of just a SKINTOP® CUBE FRAME and flexible SKINTOP® CUBE MODULES.

The cubes can be easily attached to appropriate assembled cable; the cable is then clicked into the frame and fixed in place. The cubes help protect against vibrations and strain and is sealed in accordance with IP64. It is a very simple process as no additional parts are required to secure it.

The patendted sealing modules have a flexible clamping range, coming in 4 different sizes. The sizes include 4-6mm, 6-9mm, 2-12mm and 12-16mm. The glass-fibre-reinforced polyamide SKINTOP® CUBE FRAMES come in two sizes for 16-pole or 24-pole connector installation openings.

There are many advantages, there is more flexibility through a large variable clamping range, the use if simplified due to quick assembling and disassembling, the frame remains on the housing allowing modules to be removed with the cable, there are no special tools, sealants or lubricants required, and the cube is resistant to oil, grease and ultra violet rays.