Friday, 21 April 2017

Save Money This Winter – Invest In a Wood Burning Stove

Absolutely no homeowner in the world wants to pay over the odds for their heating, and absolutely everyone hates to see huge energy companies announce year after year that they’re at record-breaking profits when homeowners bills are the highest they’ve ever been. Sadly, there’s no all that much that can be done about it – heating is, unfortunately, yet another bill which is absolutely unavoidable.

Saying that, there are substantial ways to dramatically lessen a bill.

You might already be cutting back on your usage considerably. You might wear extra layers of clothing, make hot drinks more often, or even cut back on things so much, that feeling comfortable in your own home is a very difficult task. Following pressure from the government, Energy companies say that they’re working to address these issues and yes – they have provided a number of gimmick based apps that monitor your usage – but don’t save you a thing.

The only money that’s being saved off course with these apps is from their own pockets – as usage of the app means that you no longer need a visit from a meter reader every once in a while. Your tariff doesn’t go down. Wonderful indeed – for energy companies.

What’s a proper and viable way to save money from your heating, but not suffer in a shivering bundle all winter, worrying about what your energy saving app says?

Wood burning stoves are the answer to make viable savings for your home.

Wood Burning Stoves such as Stovax wood burning stoves an excellent investment which do require an initial cost, but they really do pay for themselves in quite a short time.

For instance, most stoves burn at 70% - 85% efficiency, as opposed to an open fire which loses almost all of its warmth immediately by blowing it up the chimney. Compared to your central heating system, there’s amazing savings to be had too.

The Energy Saving Trust recently released figures which state that a wood burning stove (when hooked upto radiators to warm an entire house) runs at £90 less per year than gas fired central heating – and these figures include comparisons to brand new boilers which are energy graded.

The answer seems to be clear – wood burning stoves are the only way to spend winter toasty and warm… without breaking the bank.    

Friday, 14 April 2017

Oil and Gas Experts in the UK – With Worldwide Experience

ERC equipoise are a London based company who are true experts in Oil and Gas Expert Witness projects across the world, over a period of very many years – dating back to the 1970s. With practical experience in numerous full corporate evaluations of a number of clients throughout the world, ERC Equipoise are a company that is primed to assist yours company with Fair Market Valuation studies for corporate activities, including bond issues.

Furthermore, ERC Equipoise are experts in the field when it comes to reserve calculations for annual corporate reports, and reserve based lending queries based upon your company’s assets – which of course are mandatory things and certainly not optional. ERC Equipoise’s experience is proven – as an example, in their Court Case and Administration work, their models have withheld the highest scrutiny and have passed varying stress tests without fail. Essentially, the work supplied by ERC Equipoise can be the difference in your sites’ fortunes – as well as how much of an asset it is.  

ERC Equipoise have the potential to help you understand where the value in your portfolio is held, what your cash flow is expected to be in the future, and also where additional expenditures will lead to reserve bases, or value.

When it comes to Oil and Gas Pricing and Analytics, going for a firm with proven experience in the field helps – wherever in the world it may be. A firm with experience of the legislation in one area of the world may not perform the very best they can in another, and their inexperience may lead to delays. However, that is not the case with ERC Equipoise.

With experience of Fair Market Valuations for cases from as far as the High Courts in the UK, to the Arbitration Acts of New Zealand, ERC Equipoise are experts with a proven track record in the impact of commodity pricing, market conditions, as well as the detailed technical aspects of assets in the calculations of Fair Market Value – wherever in the world your site may be. 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Application of Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is generally used by scientists of many fields to identify unknown components, determine and identify the isotopic composition of elements in a molecule, and to study the fundamentals of gas phase ion chemistry. Very common in analytical laboratories, Mass Spectrometry is invaluable for studying physical, chemical and biological properties throughout a variety of compounds.

Mass Spectrometry has found huge favour in most laboratories today because of far increased sensitivity compared to other means of determining compounds as well as the analyser (which is a mass-charge filter) brings about a reduction of background interference. Furthermore, Mass Spectrometry can be used to great effect in quantifying samples and determining the isotopic compositions of said samples. This method is known as Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.

Furthermore, Trace gas analysis is the creation of ions which are injected into a flow, or a drift tube. The proton transfer reaction are variants of chemical ionization, which furthermore allows calculations of analyte concentrations from reaction kinetics without the need for calibration.

Otherwise, atom probes make use of Mass Spectrometry, which combines time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and field evaporation microscopy to map the location of individual atoms.

Arguably, the most established manufacturer of Mass Spectrometry instruments is American firm AMETEK Process Instruments (Or AMETEK-Dycor) who product process analysers on a worldwide scale. Their position is firmly held thanks to their plug and play usage of their Dycor quadrupoles with any other piece of Dycor manufactured electronics with the same or greater mass range.

The benefit of this is rather large – essentially, with AMETEK Dycor products, the user is able to operate and maintain the analyser themselves, which leads to greater process control, greater laboratory efficiency and far less margin of error.

AMETEK-Dycor have a solid range of products in their inventory as well.  From the DyMaxion RGA to value products such as the Dycor LC-D Series Residual Gas Analyser which certainly don’t skimp on features, but is the most cost-effective RGA on the market. To get AMETEK-Dycor products in the UK, Scanwel Ltd are the distributor for the UK and Ireland. Their line of AMETEK-Dycor products is comprehensive and can cover replacements, or new projects entirely.