Monday, 28 September 2009

Hose Assembly Protection

Hose Assemblies can deteriorate over time if not maintained properly throughout its performing life, especially if hoses performance uses movement as wear and tear will occur faster.

Broken or breaking hose assemblies are a risk to the personal health and safety of people working around them. Hose assemblies can also create big environmental issues if they break creating harmful emissions to be released. Another big problem with a broken hose assembly is that the damage can be irreversible creating a huge cost within a production business.

A visual inspection of your hose can usually determine whether it is slowly breaking and could do with a replacement. From looking at your hose assemblies you can pick up on small damages, and inspect your hose to find defects that have occurred over time. Another good way of finding out whether your hose has broken is to look at its performance rate. A drop in the efficiency of the system will usually mean that there is a leak, and will need to be replaced.

If your hoses performance involves movement, it will need some slack so it will have room to stretch and manoeuvre. Giving your hose slack will ensure that the hose does not incur too much tightening, therefore creating damage.

If there isn’t any room for the hose to move about then cable carriers can be used. These will add further support to your hose allowing it to contract and stretch controlling the hose movement, therefore decreasing the impact of damage.

There are also industrial ways of testing your hose assemblies. These are advanced testing procedures which can both internally and externally inspect your hose to detect the smallest of defects early using top of the range technology in different hose inspection procedures.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Roof Trusses-A Better Roofing Construction Method

When constructing a building great consideration into the roofing construction should be taken. Choosing a roof truss would have great advantages over normal traditional methods of roof construction. They can be made to fit even the most unique roofs and building constructions. They are also more energy efficient than other roofing construction techniques and are design flexible. Most roof truss manufacturers will build the trusses to size then deliver them when they are needed saving space and making a construction job simpler.

Roof trusses are frames of kiln dried, strength graded timber that are joined through steal nail plates. They can be made in timbers of Fresh Green Oak, Air Dried Oak, Douglas Fir, and Pitch Pine. They are extremely strong with their structurally supporting shape, and they are design to support the weight of all roof coverings such as fabrics, ceilings, floors etc.

The great thing about a timber roof truss is that they can be used to on a wide range of building types. The trusses can be designed to fit all buildings including hotels, offices, schools and other large buildings. Manufactures will create 3d dimensions across the construction using detailed calculations. From this the trusses will be cut using top of the range equipment which ensures perfection upon all cuts. After the roof trusses have been made they will be delivered to your construction site, and some manufactures have the transport to deliver trusses as big as 17x4.5 meters.

Choosing Roof Trusses for your construction is encouraged. Which a strong structure, energy efficiency, and flexible design to suit any construction, why not choose Roof Trusses for your roofing construction method. Aber Roof Truss is a Roof Trussing special service which offers cost effectiveness, client support, a fast turn around, a great quality product and crane off-load upon delivery. Aber Roof Truss also only uses timbers which are from PEFC certified companies. These are non-profitable governmental organisations which promote sustainable managed forests.

For more information a timber roof truss, please visit:

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Thursday, 30 July 2009

What Is the Global Positioning System (GPS)?

In the sky there is a network of 24 satellites which orbit the earth. These were placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of defence for the use of military application. This network of satellites makes up the Global Positioning System. In the 1980 the GPS system was made available to everyone with no charges or subscription fee. This means that anyone can use it as long as you have the equipment. The Global Positioning System is a reliable system which works anywhere in the world.

The 24 GPS Satellites orbit the earth in very precise orbit; from this they signal their information to earth which includes their precise orbit information and the general system health of the satellite. From this using time, your GPS receiver will use the information from these points and triangulation to work out your location. After this your GPS receiver will work out the distance from a few more satellites to determine the exact location of the receiver, and then display it on your on its electronic map.

Important information about the satellites

• They transmit two low power radio signals.
• They are powered by solar energy, but have batteries onboard for solar eclipses.
• They have small rocket boasters which keep them in orbit.
• They last around 10years and they are constantly being built and lunched into earth.
• The 24 satellites orbit earth at around 12,000 miles above us.
• They travel at speeds of 7,000 miles an hour.
• They make two complete orbits of the earth each day.

What is the use of GPS?

Once the positioning has been worked out, the GPS receiver can work out other information such as speed, bearing, trip distance, track, distance to destination, and much more. From this there are many uses of GPS such as

Military- GPS plays a very important role in the military. They are used by the military themselves, and are attached to all military vehicles and are used in minesweeping, aircraft operations, manoeuvring in sandstorms etc.

Emergency services- GPS is used to save lives, finding the closes vehicle to an emergency and mapping disaster zones.

Construction- GPS is used to in mapping, construction, and surveying. It helps in manoeuvring underground and construction where visibility is poor and within the sea and underground.

Vehicle Tracking-vehicle tracking is the most popular use for people today. A GPS equipped car will always guide you the right way. GPS equipped fleet vehicles are popular now too so you can manage a fleet of vehicles, calculating delivery times, direction, and speed, making a business more efficient.

Mobile- GPS receivers are now fixed in most newly released mobile phones meaning that its can be used for directions and mapping where ever the person is.

Scientific Research- GPS is used widely with environmental scientific research. GPS equipped balloons are used to track holes in the Ozone. It is also used to locate migrating animal herds, and tracking endangered species.

GPS is unlimited and as technology evolves so does the use for GPS. I have heard that GPS has recently been used to track pets, wow imagine if you could map what adventures your cat gets up to during the day?

Monday, 27 July 2009

A New Barcode

A new type of Barcode has been revealed replacing the old black and white striped barcodes which are used on nearly all shop purchases today.

The new barcode know as Bokodes is said to hold thousands more information than the standard barcode.

Bokodes has a 0.1 inch diameter, and because of its ability to hold more information, the new code could be used to hold information of food packaging, nutrition information, and special offers which could be read by a mobile phone.

These new Bokodes use an LED covered with a mask and lens. The Information within the Bokodes is encoded in light shinning through the mask.

The Bokodes are said to be easier to use than original Barcodes and can be read from a distance of 20m although so far have only proved to be read of up to 4m, but this is still a lot bigger than a standard barcode which needs to be read up to a distance of one foot.

‘We think that our technology will create a new way of tagging’ Dr Ankit Mohan told the BBC news, who is one of the researchers behind the work.

At the moment though Bokodes are expensive to make at about £3 each, but researchers believe that this new technology could be refined and that a reflective tag instead of a powered LED would reduce the cost dramatically making it cost very little.

The Bokodes will be shown of in a conference in New Orleans next week.

Source BBC Technology News

Friday, 24 July 2009

Artificial Brain

Henry Markram, a scientist has claimed that a detailed and functional artificial brain could be built within the next ten years.

The brain which is being created from reverse engineering the mammalian brain from laboratory data will be used to find treatments for mental illnesses, as it’s said that as many as two billion people suffer from some kind of brain illness.

‘It’s not impossible to build a human brain and we can do it in 10 year’ Henry Markram said.

This project is going to require huge technical resources and medical and scientific expertise. To process the date from a single neuron, one laptop is needed, which means that thousands and thousand of laptops would be needed to map the functions of a brain.

Source BBC Technology

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

DC Motor Guide - A guide to DC Motor Related Services

If you wish to run an efficient DC Drive System, then you will need the best DC Motor, gearbox and drive shaft for the job. But how do you know where to look to begin with? Why not start with a guide to DC Motors? Why not start with DC Motor Guide?

DC Motor Guide is a beginners guide to DC motors for those wishing to invest in DC Motors. It has a list of applications for which DC Motors are used for, types of applications, a glossary of terms, as well as information on Drive Systems themselves.

If you're new to using DC Drive Systems, this site can point you in the right direction of suppliers, manufacturers and designers who can help make your application dream a reality.

But the most important area is the description of the types of motor. This section of the site will guide you through the motor buying process, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of motors, as well as a basic guide to how they work.

All in all, this is a great introduction to DC Motors. For those of you either with a keen interest in DC Motors or building effective drive systems, it's well worth checking out.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Is This The End Of The Recession in the UK?

Most businesses have had a torrid time recently, with some switching to 4 day weeks to keep production profitable. As a result, companies have lost money, people have lost jobs & families have been struggling. Pretty grim, isn't it?

Well, there are areas of good news for April, with The Guardian reporting that industrial output has risen for the first time since February.

From the article:-

Manufacturing output rose 0.2 percent on the month in April, again an unexpected rise and following revised figures showing a similar rise in March which was the first increase since March 2008.

What does this mean? Are we out of recession yet. Maybe not, it's not a huge rise, but it's a positive when everything around here is so negative.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Fracmo - Brushless DC motors, Fractional DC motors, Gearbox design and Electric DC Geared motors

Fracmo’s origins go back to 1932 when it was set up to manufacture small low voltage electric motors for the domestic appliance market.
Today, Fracmo supply and specialise in DC electric motors and gearboxes, gear motors from 0.04 to 0.750 KW output and gear design. These gearboxes are used in many appliances, including various mobility, recreations and leisure and light industrial.
These range from powered wheelchairs, hoists, and access ramps in the healthcare market, to autopilot drives, electric winches and pumps in the marine industry. Fracmo motors power heavy-duty machinery such as hydraulic systems and also delicate equipment such as laboratory test rigs.
DC drive systems are used to regulate speed, torque, voltage and current conditions of the DC motor/DC electric motor – including the brushless DC motors. Fracmo’s latest engineering team uses the modern design software to match your needs with the right drive solution.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Buckley Industrial

Buckley Industrial is a long established company servicing a range of customers in the Power Generation, Chemical, Food Processing, Paper and Petrochemical industries throughout the UK and Europe.

Buckley Industrial is a world leader in hose inspection and hose testing. An inspection and hose testing can largely reduce the risk of accidents, leakages, unexpected outages and environmental pollution, and companies are starting to take these aspects serious to reduce these risks.

The hose inspection procedures are;

Hydrostatic Testing- Their facilities are of the most advanced available. The custom build test rigs with sensitive computer tracking equipment give them the ability to detect micro leaks, and defects in flexible hose assemblies.

Visual Inspection-Allows them to pick up on mechanical and corrosive damage, or wear and tear which can occur during installation, use, and storage.

Internal Inspection-This test the internal structure, as a hose can pass both hydrostatic test, and visual inspection, but still have imperfections. This could lead to failure shortly after being test, so the hoses are inspected using a videoscope which will pick up the smallest of damages.

Vacuum Testing- A recently upgraded testing rig will test hose assemblies to a total vacuum state (-29.92 inches of Mercury).

They can supply a wide variety of Hose and Hose Connectors, including the following; Metallic Stainless Steel Braided Hose Assemblies, Hose Couplings, PTFE Convoluted & Smooth Bore Hose, Rubber Hose, PVC Hose, Composite Hose, and Hydraulic Hose.

At Buckley Industrial after supplying and testing hoses, they will manage the life of each individual hose, from the day it is issued to the day it is retired.


Fracmo are specialist designers and manufactures of DC Drive Systems. The company are part of the Denis Ferranti Group. They supply permanent magnet, low voltage, fractional & brushless DC motors, Gearboxes plus in-line & right angled geared motors & transaxle units. They can easily tailor solutions to meet your individual & specialised applications, including Gearbox design, and their engineering team uses the latest design software to match your needs with the right drive solution.